Specialist fields

The subjects we translate include the following:

pacemakers, medical implants, ADHD, diabetes, Crohn's disease, pharmaceutical products (rituximab, mesalazine, botox, yttrium-90, etc.), fertility treatments, muscle disorders, respiratory care, psoriasis, overactive bladder, femoral prosthesis, etc.
Types of document:instruction leaflets, patient information sheets, consent forms, SPCs and other product information, study protocols and summaries, conference papers, medical letters, insurance documents, expert reports, manuals, patient questionnaires, etc.

European institutions:
the European Commission and the European Parliament: written questions, (part of) the website of the European Judicial Network, draft reports and opinions, tender documents, several documents about the common fisheries policy and the agricultural policy, memoranda (combining professional careers and family life, gender equality, education and training), debates of the European Parliament (CRE), amendments, notices to members, minutes of various commissions, working papers, etc.

European Judicial Network, certificates of good conduct, general terms and conditions, contracts

psychological tests for children (software), brochures and websites of a number of large clients (personal care products, fruit and vegetables, banks), marketing tests, press releases, internal communications, development aid, telecommunications

Jimini Translations specializes in medical-pharmaceutical texts. This is a broad discipline which we deal with regularly. Of course, this does not mean that we do not have any experience of other types of document. However, the subjects of these texts are so diverse that it is hard to categorize them under one subject area. We have also translated company brochures, websites, newsletters, advertisements, government texts, legal documents, press releases, (scientific) articles, etc.

If you are thinking of getting Jimini Translations to translate/revise your text but you are not sure if we are the right company for you, please phone or e-mail us. We will have a look at your text and discuss the options with you.

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