Rates are calculated on the basis of the number of words in the target language (translation).

Word rate in the target language:
  • € 0.14 per word excluding 21% VAT
  • € 0.17 per word excluding 21% VAT, including revision by a second translator
  • € 0.17 per word excluding 21% VAT for sworn translations
  • Rate for urgent translations (evenings, weekends and public holidays): + 50%

Minimum rate for each translation order: € 40 excluding VAT

Introducing changes/additions: € 50 excluding VAT.

An hourly rate of € 50 excluding VAT applies to revision, etc.

We apply different rates for translation companies and literary translations; for large projects alternative rates can also be agreed.

Term of delivery
The term of delivery depends on the length of the text and its level of complexity. Delivery shall take place within the term that has been agreed with you.

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